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I love goggles. I guess I've liked them ever since I saw Pitch Black. One day I was looking in the fishing section of Wal-mart and I saw these totally hardcore tinted and polarized goggles. I had to have them so I bought them and threw my old shades in the trashcan by the exit to the store. Just recently I replaced the cloth strap on them with the strap from my old scuba mask that I never wear because I haven't been to the beach in years. I wear my goggles nearly all the time now.

I think goggles are cool because:
A.) nearly every future, sci-fi, and apocalypse movie has at least one badass guy or girl in goggles
B.) they protect your eyes from the sun, sand, metal shavings, sparks, and various other debris
C.) other people tend to look at you funny when you wear them
D.) you can just push them up onto your forehead when you don't need them, and they are nearly impossible to get knocked off even in the most strenuous activities
E.) they just are
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