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Howdy and stuff

Well as a sort of de-lurk and junk, I just wanted to show a fast set of modified goggles that I did as a gift for one of my close friends. Normally I set a few others up with lights on the inside to light up the lenses for a really cool creepy effect (it really works nicly with an israli gas mask, or something with a set of small beady eyes)

Other than that I'm always coming up with something to wear when I perform. (sideshow performances that is)
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oh that's so cool.
Thanks, most of the material that I use for them it right handy at work, since I'm one of the rare "constructogoths" (I weld)
omfg i want to learn how to weld so bad. i want to make an iorn bed frame..and..yeah..a whole bunch of stuff.. :[
Welding is fairly easy and hard to do. Essencially you are a painter and a sculpter at the same time. The liquid metal is your paint.

It takes a lot of practice, but the amount of stuff you can do is impressive and is most definatly worth it.

Check into some of the local community colleges in your area for any welding programs, to really get a good idea on what you are getting into (it's cheaper than buying a welder and starting from scratch)

Another thing, Jessie James of Monster Garage put out a book called "How to weld damn near anything" or something to the sort, it's not bad.
thank you. that helped a lot. :] maybe i will actually get my ass up and weld something.
wanna see what else I made?

well off to perform
wow! thats really awesome.

make me a bedframe!
Awesome goggles, I wish I were that creative.
Well I actually just got a couple more pairs done, but I have just been a little busy as of late becuase I'm getting booked for sideshows (you know halloween and all)

I'll get those up soon.

Deleted comment

Uh... yeah I guess, I just need to really figure out my costs and such, I'm kind of low on supplies as I have been doing more sideshows lately.