OUTLANDER (outlandwarrior) wrote in goggleglam,

people don't like my goggles...bah infidels

I go to registration for school this morning, so I get dressed all badass. I put on some new jeans, my 'Nam boots, my Trans Am t-shirt and of course my goggles. I wear my pants bloused over my boots so that I have that SWAT team/GI Joe look. So I get into the school and I start filling out papers...blah how boring, I go through the process until I get to the cafeteria and this guy asks me what kind of sunglasses I'm wearing and I go "they're my badass goggles" (this guy is really into anime so hes familiar with random goggle wearing characters) he tells me that they're pretty cool and I keep going through the various stations filling out this form and that and this other guy asks me what they are and I go they're goggles and hes like "okay whatever man" and goes away then this chick asks if she can see them and her and one of my friends start laughing at me and giving me shit for being dorky enough to wear them or some such crap. I just take my goggles back and put them on top of my head and tell them to bite me and then I walk away.
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